Oral Health at Little Companions

Little Companions has an ethos of healthy eating and oral health awareness. We welcome dental professionals yearly to meet our children and guide them with their oral hygiene.

Naazish having attended recent training would like parents/guardians and colleagues to access oral health guidance and how to support little ones for effective oral hygiene practices.

This section contains useful information and resources to support oral health well-being in our little ones. A crucial lifestyle necessity which requires embedding in our childrens' foundation years.

Caring for the teeth of children aged 0-3

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry -
A two minute guide to healthy teeth for children aged 0-3

Caring for the teeth of children aged 3-6

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry -
A two minute guide to healthy teeth for children aged 3-6

Bottles and Dummies

Prolonged use of bottles and dummies can lead to a variety of problems – including tooth decay, nutritional problems and speech delay.
Institute of Health Visiting produced a guide for supporting your child to wean off bottles and dummies.


Oral Health Education

Sally McGregor, Oral Health Promoter at Whittington Health NHS Trust and Community Dental Service Hillingdon provided Little Companions with our Oral Health Education Information Session.

Please download this training document which aims to provide:

  • Information on the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine as soon as the first tooth erupts, by tooth brushing and using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Discusses how sugar effects the mouth.
  • Moving on from 'Bottle to Cup'.
  • Sign post to NHS dental services
  • Download

    Toothbrushing Activity Pack

    A booklet of activities and information for encouraging good oral healthcare practices.


    Toothbrushing chart

    A fun chart to print out and track with your little one their progress on brushing twice a day.


    Dentists in Hillingdon

    A list of dentists in the surrounding area of Hillingdon.